Our Team


Nancy Wikes, LCSW-C

Nancy has provided therapeutic support across the country to various individuals experiencing difficult episodes in their lives. She believes in taking a mind/body/spirit approach to any and all challenges that we face on a daily basis, and encourages self-care, mindfulness, and humor as effective coping strategies.

Nancy works in partnership with each client, providing structure and guidance via a variety of therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, Gestalt, logotherapy, and feminist theory.

Teddey Hicks.JPG

Teddey Hicks, Hypnosis Practitioner & Coach

Teddey uses the principles of Intuitive Eating and the Law of Attraction to help women start living their best lives. She encourages her clients to look at the big picture and see how the their limiting beliefs keep them from realizing their full potential. In addition, she provides straight-forward advice and action steps to help her clients make steady progress on their journey to a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Teddey understands the unique challenges of poor body image, feeling dissatisfied with life, and using unproductive coping mechanisms on a very personal level, and she provides invaluable insight to women who are in the process of overcoming these issues.


How We Work Together

Nancy and Teddey have complementary approaches and work in tandem for the best possible outcome for each client. Nancy brings years of experience as a therapist, using her insight and wisdom to help her clients discover the circumstances that led to their current challenges.  She gently guides each client to explore her history and develop a thorough understanding of her journey so she can begin the process of healing.

Teddey's personal experience overcoming an eating disorder, finding sobriety, and transforming her life gives her a unique perspective to support women dealing with a range of challenges. Teddey supports her clients by helping to change old thought patterns, and makes practical suggestions for creating new daily habits that create physical health and comfort, a peaceful relationship with food, and unwavering self-respect.