Are You Doing the Right Kind of Work?

Several months ago, I had a revelation: the reason nothing in my life was changing was that I was doing the same thing over and over again. Each day, I tried to same stuff, I had the same thoughts, and I did the same things. Of course nothing was changing!

I developed a new mantra: In order for things to be different, you have to do things differently.

I set up a reminder on my phone that pops up every day to keep me on track. I started trying one new thing every day for my business. I mixed up my routine and explored what I could do differently to create some positive change.

But nothing really happened. I wasn’t seeing any improvement. If anything, I just felt more frenetic and overwhelmed, like the proverbial headless chicken.

I knew deep down inside that my reminder was absolutely true -- I could not keep doing the same activities every day and expect new results. But no matter how much I tried to switch things up, everything stayed the same. What was I missing?

I got so overwhelmed that I decided to just take a break from it all. I stop trying to “do” so many things, and just focused on regaining control, getting relaxed, and caring for myself. I spent a lot more time in reflection and meditation. I prayed and asked for help -- asked for some direction, some clarity.

The thing that kept coming up for me was the energetic work: living completely from love and fully allowing the experiences of everyone around me. I found this so frustrating -- when I’m trying to improve my business and finances, focusing on love and the Law of Allowing felt like a waste of time. After all, what does that emotional work have to do with my financial success?

By now, you’ve probably realized what I finally came to understand: the emotional work is absolutely essential for material and professional success. It all comes down to the basic foundation of the whole Law: You attract the energy you put out in the world. You must create the feelings of success, peace, and prosperity you desire.

If I want a successful business with nothing but perfect clients, positive energy, and mutual benefit, I have to create that energy in my life right now. I have to figure out all my personal relationships and have the same level of respect and attention for my spouse and family that I do for my clients. The feelings of success and clarity that I want in my business have to permeate all aspects of my life.

The energetic work is the foundation of everything. Living completely in love and forgiveness catapults you onto the positive wavelength of manifestation. Once you’re there, sending and receiving positive vibes all the time with everyone no matter what, every kind of success is yours for taking.

I realized what I had been trying to do was compartmentalize the different aspects of my life. Let me worry about this, but not that. Let me focus on my business, and hope that other stuff just shakes out. Let me put my happiness and health on the backburner while I do this other thing. I finally realized that’s not how it works.

The energy we generate affects every aspect of our lives, and the emotional stuff is the primary work.

Getting myself happy was the first step. Taking care of myself. Developing security and faith and trust and hope no matter how many appointments I had or how much money was in my bank account. Learning to love others without judging them, without trying to change them, without conditions. And being happy no matter what was happening around me.

This is the stuff of transformation. Not necessarily doing more or doing different things, but being different. Creating a new energy.

If you’ve been overly focused on what you’re doing, maybe give some more attention to how you’re doing. I promise you’ll see big changes once you start to lay that essential foundation of positive energy, limitless happiness, and unconditional love.

For some help getting started, read this other blog post about how to get happy and start enjoying your life.

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