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Effective Coping & Self-Care Strategies

Have you put your well-being and happiness on the back burner? Has your life taken over, and you've neglected your own needs for too long? Whether food has become an emotional crutch, you've noticed a decline in the quality of your relationships, you've been relying too heavily on substances, or you're just ready to put yourself first again, you know it's time to do things differently.

If unproductive coping strategies have been dominating the landscape of your life, and you're finally ready to prioritize your own well-being and happiness, this is the workshop for you. Join us for a refresher course in coping and self-care strategies that will improve your quality of life, relieve your stress, and put you back on the path to overall wellness. We'll explore meditation, tapping, essential oils, stress-relief, and emotional self-care.

Leave with a new sense of self-respect and strategies to support yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

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