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Are you ready to be happy?

Have you been struggling with your relationships, work, body image, or other areas of your life and can't figure out why? Don’t you want to just feel peaceful and fulfilled and live your best life?

You’ve tried so many times to get your life under control, and nothing has worked. It feels impossible, so you keep settling for the status quo -- stuck feeling inadequate, unhappy, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.

Let us help you discover the way to a satisfying and peaceful life. Nourishing your mind, body, and spirit will create a foundation of self-respect and joy that will help you live the life you've always dreamed of  -- don’t waste another day wondering where you went wrong.

Invest in yourself. It’s time to learn how to live your best life.

Our Services


Nancy A. Wikes, LCSW-C

Nancy gently guides each client to explore her history and develop a thorough understand of her journey in order to begin the process of healing. Nancy's experience, wisdom, and humor create a safe space for reflection and transformation.

Call Nancy 443-535-1544

$150 / hour


Teddey Hicks, Intuitive Eating Counselor

Teddey works with women who are struggling with chronic dieting and/or binge behavior and want to learn how to have a peaceful and confident relationship with food. She helps her clients change their mindset using the Law of Attraction and supports practical daily improvement through the creation of new habits. Teddey's personal experience, spiritual wisdom, and down-to-earth demeanor encourage meaningful change.

Please email anytime: teddey@teddeyhicks.com

$100 / week


Teddey Hicks, Hypnosis Practitioner


$125 for 45-60 minute sessions


Hypnosis and Coaching sessions can be booked online.


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